Co-Founder and Head of Design

February 2010 - August 2012

As a start-up, Vane Guitars is a modern, custom boutique guitar company with a new vision for the industry. Leaning on clean design and cutting edge visuals, Vane Guitars utilizes a unified vision for all aspects of their business and a dynamic environment in order to make quick and effortless changes in an evolving market.

  • Development of brand strategy and company mission statement.
  • Co-Design of logos, branding, business cards, and general image.
  • Co-Design and implementation of all aspects of guitar design, including body shapes, aesthetics, colors, and general design.
  • Development of preliminary drawings, dynamic prototype artwork, and technical specifications.
  • Working with and overseeing CAD engineer.


  • Design and creation of preliminary advertising materials, digital content, website, and promotional materials.
  • Travelling to and working with multiple manufacturers overseas and in the USA to solidify pricing, time tables, and estimates.
  • Overseeing production of guitar products.
  • Developing competitive product and pricing structures.


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