VP of Technologies

April 2009 - May 2014

Making the world a better place for guitarists, TonePros Sound Labs Intl. is the fastest growing guitar parts company in the world. They equip more 30,000 guitars each month with their patented and trademark products. With world-class customer service and professional relationships with the world's top artists and musicians, TonePros maintains its place as a world leader in guitar hardware.

  • Design and implementation of warehouse layout, inventory, and shipping systems.
  • Updating and maintenance of billing and inventory systems.
  • Design and co-creation of preliminary advertising materials, digital content, website, and promotional materials.
  • Working with advertising and marketing specialists for market research.
  • Clarifying, unifying, and updating product price lists and item codes.
  • Product photography and image editing for both TonePros Sound Labs Intl. and TonePros Kluson products.
  • Design, engineer, and prototype new products and technologies.
  • Development of drawings, dynamic prototype artwork, technical specifications, and motion design to test engineering and preliminary advertising strategies of new products.
  • Design of convention booth layout and appropriate marketing materials.
  • Representing TonePros Sound Labs Intl. at conventions around the world.
  • Personally working with world class artists and musicians as a TonePros Sound Labs Intl. representative.


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