Freelance Multidisciplinary Designer

2009 - Present

As an independent design company, Bradley Devereaux Designs continues to serve a clients with unique needs. With experience in branding, product design and development, concept generation, project management, and product marketing design and market research, we bring unparalleled service and clean design sense that values simplicity, elegance, and results.

  • Our premiere design services are always integrated into your current and/or new branding strategies, and we provide extensive design support including logo design, branding and brand identity, website design, web platform design, product rapid prototyping, and illustration
  • Since design services do not live in a vacuum, we work with you to provide design-centric strategic business consulting - including business plan review, market assessment, structured product development, communications strategy, and tailored branding for small businesses around the world
  • With your audiences always in mind, we craft every product and marketing material alongside a comprehensive dissemination strategy, which includes best practice content marketing strategy, market analysis, and social media growth strategy


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